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3D projection show on famous Registan of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Central Asia

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Subcategory:Middle East
Subcategory Detail:Uzbekistan
Keywords:3D projection, Afrasiab, Afrasiyab, Amir Temur, Amir Timur, Architektur, Asia, Asien, Central Asia, Fernweh, Gebaeude, Islam, JOURNEY, Kultur, Madrasa, Madrasah, Mederse, Moschee, Moslemisch, Ozbekiston, REISE, REISEN, Registan, Registan square, Samarkand, Samarqand, Sehenswürdigkeit, Seidenstrasse, Sher-Dor-Madrasa, Stadt, Staedtereise, TOURISM, TRAVEL, Tilya-Kori-Madrasa, Tourismus, UNESCO, UZB, Ulugʻbek-Madrasa, Usbekistan, Uzbekistan, Welterbe, Weltkulturerbe, Zentralasien, ancient, architecture, art, beleuchtet, building, bunt, city, cityscape, colorful, culture, decoration, ensemble, facade, famous place, heritage, illuminated, international landmark, islamic, islamisch, landmark, light show, lightshow, minaret, mosque, night, old, people, performance, public celebratory event, religion, show, sight, sightseeing, silk road, tourism, tourist attraction, travel destination, world heritage site