historic colonial-era cemetery, Victoria, Mahe, 11-2022rock formation on beach of Curieuse island, 11-2022St.Pierre Island, 11-2022sunset at Anse Takamaka, Mahe, 11-2022Sri Vinayagar Navasakthi Hindu temple in Victoria, Mahe, 11-2022St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Victoria, Mahe, 11-2022Victoria Clock Tower, Victoria, Mahe, 11-2022Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria, Mahe, 11-2022island Chauve Souris, Anse Volbert, 11-2022collonnaded street of Perge, 05-2022western collonnaded street of Perge, 05-2022mixed pics from Perge, 05-2022more pics from Ephesus 05-2022temple of Domitian and Fountain of Pollio in Ephesus 05-2022St. Mary's Church or Church of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus 05-2022Sarcophagi on a meadow at Ephesus 05-2022Fountain of Trajan, Ephesus 05-2022Tetragonos Agora or Commercial Agora, Ephesus 05-2022theatre of Ephesus 05-2022collonnaded street at upper Agora, Ephesus 05-2022Greco-Roman Odeion or Bouleuterion, Ephesus 05-2022Mausoleum and museum of Mevlana Rumi, Konya 05-2022Bazaar and old town of Konya, 05-2022Selimiye Mosque, Konya 05-2022Azizia Mosque, Konya 05-2022Alauddin Qayqubad Mosque, Konya 05-2022Stone Works Museum of Fine Minaret, Konya 05-2022Laguna Verdeice and snow structuresMountain of Seven Colorsview on village of Goreme from above, Cappadocia 05-2022Roman aqueduct of Aspendos, 05-2022Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia 05-2022Sobesos Ancient City, Cappadocia 05-2022Church of the Buckle in goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022western Pasaba Valley, Cappadocia 05-2022the Three Beauties, Cappadocia 05-2022Devrent valley, Cappadocia 05-2022Selime rock monastery in Ihlara valley, Cappadocia 05-2022Keslik Monastery, Cappadocia 05-2022