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photos of famous and beautiful places in Namibia
Namib dunes 02-2011Dead Vlei, Namib 02-2011Sossusvlei, Namib 02-2011Dune 45, Namib 02-2011Quiver tree forestSpitzkoppe, 02 2017moonlight over Spitzkoppe, 02-2018Spitzkoppe, 02 2011Sesriem Canyon, 02 2011Sesriem Canyon, 02 2018Fish River Canyon, 02-2018lonesome gravel roads 02-2011Brandberg Mountain, 02 2017remains of a classic car at filling station of Solitaire, 02-2011landscape at Tsondab Valley, 02-2011landscape at farm Namtib, 02-2011night landscape over farm Namtib, 02-2018Swakopmund, 02-2011Kolmanskop ghost town, 02-2018