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images from Norway and its beautiful nature and at least some northern lights,
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Aurora Borealis over Mefjorden, Senja 2016Aurora Borealis over Ersfjorden, Senja 2016Aurora Borealis over Husoy, Senja 2016Aurora Borealis over Kaldfjord, Tromso 11-2017a: winter landscape with typical red house at snow covered coast, Senja 2-2016b: winter landscape with typical red house at snow covered coast, Senja 2-2016c: winter landscape with typical red house at snow covered coast, Senja 2-2016ice floes and red house at sea, Senja 2-2016mountain winter landscape with typical red house on Senja Islandriver with ice floes in winter landscape, Senja 2016winter landscape in fjord of Husøy i Senja 2016winter landscape of Mefjorden, Senja 2016winter landscape of Ersfjorden, Senja 2016night shot of Bergsfjorden, Senja 2016Panorama of Bergsfjorden, Senja 2016winter landscape of Bergsfjorden, Senja 2016fishing vessels in harbour of Husøy, Senja 2016drying heads of Atlantic Cod fish, 2016Anderdalen National Park, 2016waterfall Malselvfossen, 2016snow covered landscape of Tromsø harbor, 2016night shot of typical wooden buildings in harbour of Tromsø, 2016winter shot of typical wooden buildings in Tromsø, 2016sunrise over fjord with winter landscape in Northern Norway, 11-2017Arctic Cathedral of Tromsø, 2016night view over harbour and city of Tromsø, 2016snow-covered memorial of Arctic explorer Helmer Hanssen, 2016northern lights over winter landscape of Ersfjordbotn, 2016View from Aksla hill over Alesund, 06-2018the Fishery museum in Ålesund 06-2018old harbor Alesund-1 06-2018old harbor Alesund-2 06-2018Jugendstil Senteret, Alesund 06-2018entrance to old harbor of Alesund, 06-2018Alesund church, 06-2018mixed pictures of Alesund, 06-2018decoration at beach, Andenes 07-2019trappers hut Camp Mansfield, Svalbard 06-2018Ny London marble mining quarry, Svalbard 06-2018snow and ice of Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard 06-2018landscape seen from Virgohamna, Svalbard 06-2018historical site of Virgohamna, Svalbard 06-2018strange objects in Barentsburg, Svalbard 06-2018buildings and landscape of Barentsburg, Svalbard 06-2018Lenin memorial in Barentsburg, Svalbard 06-2018typical old wooden buildings in Barentsburg, Svalbard 06-2018Orthodox Church in Barentsburg, Svalbard 06-2018russian mining town Barentsburg, Svalbard 06-2018sailship "Rembrandt van Rijn", Svalbard 06-2018cruise ship in Longyearbyen, Svalbard 06-2018landscape of Magdalenefjorden, Svalbard 06-2018mountains with snow and ice of glacier Miethebreen, Svalbard 06-2018Longyearbyen, Svalbard 06-2018Ny Alesund, Svalbard 06-2018blue ice of glacier Dahlbreen, 06-2018glacier Gullybreen, Magdalenefjorden 06-2018blue ice of Kronebreen 06-2018ice and glacier 06-2018glacier Kollerbreen 06-2018