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sunset over Pamukkale travertine terracesblue pools of Pamukkale travertine terraces, part 1blue pools of Pamukkale travertine terraces, part 2Pamukkale travertine terraces after sunsetfamous theater of Hierapolis, Pamukkale Archeological SiteHierapolis Pamukkale Archeological Site, Pamukkale, Denizli, 05-2022Tetrapylon in Aphrodisias Ancient CitySebasteion of Aphrodisias Ancient CityThe Temple of Aphrodite in Aphrodisias Ancient CityStadium of Aphrodisias Ancient CityFace reliefs in the entrance area of Aphrodisiastheater of AphrodisiasSouth Agora of AphrodisiasHadrianic Baths or Bath of Hadrian in AphrodisiasThe Bouleuterion or Odeon of AphrodisiasBishop's Palace in front of Temple of Aphrodite in AphrodisiasMagnificently worked sarcophagi in the entrance area of Aphrodisiasmuseum of Aphrodisias Ancient Citytheatre of PataraBouleuterion of Pataracollonnaded harbor street of PataraArch of Mettius Modestus in Pataraharbor thermal baths of PataraLycian rock tombs of Myra Ancient CityRoman theatre  in Myracarved stone faces in MyraMamure CastleSarcophagus in ruins of ancient city XanthosInscribed Pillar in Xanthosroman theater in ancient city Xanthosmore from ancient city XanthosOld town of SideAthena and Apollo Temple in Roman city of SideNymphaeum of SideRoman city wall of Sideroman street in SideState Agora in Sidetheatre and Tyche temple in SideThe Arch of the Inner Gate with Vespasian Fountain in SideLycian rock tombs of Dalyannight shot of Lycian rock tombs in Dalyanlandscape of Ihlara valley, CappadociaKokar church in Ihlara valley, CappadociaAgacalti Church in Ihlara valley, CappadociaEgritas church in Ihlara valley, Cappadociadark castle church in Ihlara valley, Cappadociaserpent church in Ihlara valley, CappadociaJacinth church in Ihlara valley, CappadociaGumusler Cave Monasterythe Red Church, Kızıl Kilise, CappadociaTwilight photo of illuminated castle rock of Uchisar, CappadociaZelve open air museum, CappadociaKaymakli Underground City, CappadociaPasaba Valley, Cappadocialandscape of love valley, upper viewdark church in Goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022St. Basil Church in Goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022Snake church in goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022Church of the Buckle in goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022Church with Sandals in goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022collapsed church in goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022Maltese Cross Church in goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022more churches and cave dwellings in goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022outside views in Goreme open air museum, Cappadocia 05-2022the Three Beauties, Cappadocia 05-2022western Pasaba Valley, Cappadocia 05-2022Devrent valley, Cappadocia 05-2022Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia 05-2022view on village of Goreme from above, Cappadocia 05-2022Selime rock monastery in Ihlara valley, Cappadocia 05-2022Keslik Monastery, Cappadocia 05-2022Sobesos Ancient City, Cappadocia 05-2022landscape of love valley, ground levelunderground dwellings at rock wall of Cavusin, Cappadociasunset over Red Valley, Cappadocialandscape of Rose Valley 1, Goereme, Cappadocialandscape of Rose Valley 2, Goereme, CappadociaThe Temple of Hadrian in Ephesus 05-2022Library of Celsus, Ephesus 05-2022Terrace Houses of EphesusGreco-Roman Odeion or Bouleuterion, Ephesus 05-2022collonnaded street at upper Agora, Ephesus 05-2022theatre of Ephesus 05-2022Tetragonos Agora or Commercial Agora, Ephesus 05-2022Fountain of Trajan, Ephesus 05-2022temple of Domitian and Fountain of Pollio in Ephesus 05-2022St. Mary's Church or Church of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus 05-2022more pics from Ephesus 05-2022Sarcophagi on a meadow at Ephesus 05-2022Aerial of columned street in Roman city of Perge 05-2022Hellenistic Gate of Perge, 05-2022Ancient gate through the city walls into Perge, 05-2022collonnaded street of Perge, 05-2022western collonnaded street of Perge, 05-2022mixed pics from Perge, 05-2022amphitheater of the Roman Perge, 05-2022Roman Theatre of Aspendos, AntalyaEurymedon bridge near AspendosRoman aqueduct of Aspendos, 05-2022St Paul's church, GokyurtSultan Han traditional caravanseraiMausoleum and museum of Mevlana Rumi, Konya 05-2022Selimiye Mosque, Konya 05-2022Alauddin Qayqubad Mosque, Konya 05-2022Azizia Mosque, Konya 05-2022Stone Works Museum of Fine Minaret, Konya 05-2022Bazaar and old town of Konya, 05-2022Karatay Madrasa museum, Konyaendless greenhouses on the Turkish coast