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National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece, Europe
gold mask of AgamemnonVisitor in front of a showcase with gold jewelryShowcase with cups made of goldBull's head with gold-plated horns,golden grave goods of the kings of MycenaeCup, depicting a charging bull, found in the royal tomb of Vaphio, Sparta, late Minoan IMycenaean Art, 16th-12th centuries Centuries BC BC, painted vases, famous warrior vaseVisitor looks at gold vessels in a showcaseHall with marble statuesBronze statue Ephebe by Antikythera depicts Paris or PerseusMarble figure group Aphrodite, Pan and ErosBronze statue Ephebe by Antikythera depicts Paris or PerseusBronze statue of Zeus throwing lightningoutside view of National Archaeological Museum,outside view of National Archaeological Museum,

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